Mayble had a very tough start to life. I rescued Mayble in 2014. She only weighed 40lbs, her ears were so infected that they had puss coming out of them, she was petrified of being touched and was would not go to anyone who was a man. We believe that Mayble was severely abused and neglected. I nursed Mayble back to health and through that we formed a very strong bond. She would let me hold her, pet her and give her kisses on her big cute nose.
In 2015 I was diagnosed with cancer. Mayble never left my side-nursing me back to health.

Despite Mayble’s past, she is so sweet and gentle and LOVES to have her tummy rubbed. Mayble loves children and always wants to snuggle up against them and protect them.
Mayble wanted to contribute to Awakenings so she and I formed Mayble’s corner for children. Mayble has a variety of products to help children with their journeys and she is very dedicated to supporting all children with illnesses.


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